Pulled Pork in an Instant Pot

Pulled pork is something that I absolutely adore, but it wasn’t anything that I had often at all as a kid. My mom was really just not a big cut of meat type cook. We ate tons and tons of pasta. We at a lot of stir fries. We at grilled cheese and soups. Steaks? Pork loin? Pork roast? Pot roast? Nope! That didn’t happen. Large cuts of meat just aren’t something that I always think of making. When I do though, I’m always so happy about it.

This pulled pork recipe is made in an Instant Pot. It’s only a 90 minute cook time instead of 6-8 hours in the slow cooker. It’s delicious and easy to make! 

A great family meal! Everyone will love it.

Thanks to the folks at Peachy Keen for this delicious recipe!

Pulled Pork in an Instant Pot
  1. Pork Roast, Mine was 2.63Lbs
  2. Any spices you'd like. (salt, pepper, chives,Worcestershire)
  3. ¼ cup of Vegetable oil
  4. 2 cups of chicken stock or water
  5. BBQ(optional) OR make your own!
  1. First start by prepping your work station. I cut my roast in half to make it easier to fit and handle. Spice up the roast with whatever you want or marinade and let sit for about 20 minutes if you want.
  2. Now Get your pressure cooker and turn on the saute button and let it warm up with the vegetable oil inside it. When it's hot, add your pork. Sear each side of the pork for 3 minutes.
  3. Now you want to add 2 cups of liquid(Chicken stock or water).
  4. Now close the lid on the pot and hit Meat/Stew button and Add 90 minutes to the time.Make sure your seal is closed. (I forget this sometimes, lol)  Now, sit back and wait for it to count down to 1!
  5. Once it is done, let is naturally release for 10 minutes.
  6. Put onto a plate and shred. You can eat it now as is or do the BBQ option.
  7. I like to soak my BBQ a little into the meat. So we added the shredded pork into the instant pot, with about ½ of water. Added in our BBQ sauce. Now You press the manuel button, high pressure, and change the minutes to 5. Now, go prep your other items in your meal and wait for it to be done. Do a quick release and dig in once it's cooled a little.
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