Moorish Winter food for the low fodmap, diabetic, vegetarian, lactose and gluten intolerant diets

Moorish Winter food for the low fodmap, diabetic, vegetarian, lactose and gluten intolerant diets

It is only two weeks until it is officially winter, some of the trees in the orchard still have a few stray autumn leaves and the odd apple. The chickens are now free ranging through the orchard and the summer vegetable garden preparing the soil for new crops. The black birds are having a feast of worms in my sugar cane mulched raised beds in the kitchen garden.

The weather has been blustery, strong winds, ‘king tides’ and hail. I dream about food, warm nourishing and tasty meals and sharing them with friends and family.

Tom Yum and Tofu Soup

This savoury, spicy and slightly sour soup is delicious and versatile it can be made with tofu, fish, chicken, meat or sticky dumplings. Serve it as an entree or a main meal with rice noodles.

Autumn Vegetable and Chicken Soup

A family favourite chicken soup with root vegetables and herbs fresh from the winter garden can be served as hearty lunch or served as a main meal with traditional suet dumplings.

Autumn Vegetable and Chicken Soup

Organic Free-range Soy and Ginger Chicken

Serve with stir-fried fresh vegetables on a bed of rice or noodles as a main meal. Or for lunch with a winter vegetable salad.

Osso Buco

Osso boco  needs to be cooked slowly for at least 3 hours.  If you have a a cast iron wood heater it can be prepared and left to cook on top all day, if it bubbles to much just pop a trivet underneath.  Traditionally it is cooked with stock and thick tomato paste.  I have modified this recipe so that it retains the tradition flavour, you would never know there is no onion, garlic or tomato paste in it.

Serve with baked vegetables, pasta, mashed potato, polenta or risotto.

The full recipes will be posted to the recipe section of this blog.

If you are unable to grow your own vegetables and meat, always source organic and free range local products. Check out your local farmers markets.

The Low Fodmap Gourmet

Gourmet Recipes for people who need to follow the Low Fodmap Diet and are also Lactose and Gluten Intolerant!

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