Jonathan Cheban Created A Meal-Delivery Service In Case You Want To Waste Your Money

Jonathan Cheban has taken time out of his busy schedule of having the same haircut and being Kim Kardashian’s not gay, gay best friend to develop a food delivery service. Because the world doesn’t have enough of those, y’know? Also, because Jonathan Cheban calls himself a “Food God” which is just a different way of saying “an extra pretentious foodie.”

Actual footage of Jonathan Cheban being a “foodie” or “Food God” or whatever or IDK fuck me.

His company’s called “Prepped Delivery” and it will deliver “locally and ethically sourced” “never frozen, always fresh,” “chef prepared,” “maximum nutrition” meals to your home weekly. Which is a lot of different ways to say that it will deliver a “mediocre tasting dinner to lazy people in a certain tax bracket.”

If you decide to get sustenance from this service because you have literal money to burn, just be aware that you’ll be directly putting said money into the hands of this weasel:

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