mar far chicken

Mar Far Chicken: Chinese Fried Chicken

At this Chinese restaurant by my dad’s old house and by my first apartment, they have a dish just like this, except there was no sauce. It was just Chinese fried chicken with sesame in the batter. They called it mar far chicken. It was the best.

I’m a total chicken nugget/strip eater. This is the American-Chinese equivalent. I’d get my plate full of mar far chicken,a nd then I’d dip it in a lot of the red sauce and then just the tiniest amount of hot mustard. My dad would never touch the red sauce. It was always only the mustard, and more often than not, he landed himself in tears from taking so much at a time. Good memories!

Why order Chinese takeout when you can easily make your own Chinese-inspired dishes at home? Take this Chinese-style fried chicken as an example. It’s got all the right flavors that make it stand at par with the offerings at most American-Chinese restaurants. Plus, it’s simple to make and ready in half an hour. Never order takeout when you can make food like this.

Click on the link below for the recipe.

Click for the Chinese-Style Fried Chicken recipe.

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