How To Save an Over Salted Dish

I know I have definitely over salted my food before. The most memorable being when the salt lid fell off right into my batch of spaghetti sauce. I was heartbroken! My mom was just getting in from like a long weekend away, and I had cooked her this nice meal, and then BAM! It was ruined. I scooped out as much as possible, but I could have used this tip!

On the next page you’ll find Jamie Deen’s tip to save an over salted dish! Go ahead and follow the link to the next page for the Video Instructions


even wehn you’re a professional chef, screw ups happen! Below you’ll find Jamie Deen’s tip on how to save an over salted dish. This will come in handy when that time comes! Just add a potato, and you’re good!

A great video walk through for the instructions as you cook! YUM!


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