5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

It’s far too easy to get distracted while cooking, and that can lead to some nasty stuff! For instance, if you’re in a rush to get dinner on the table, you might forget to wash your hands. It happens! Don’t feel ashamed. Everyone’s human. That being said, washing your hands before starting to cook is important. It can help stop the spread of disease in its tracks. Also, washing your hands after touching raw meat is ALWAYS ideal.

These 5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe seem like no brainers, but again, it’s easy to get distracted while cooking. I know when I’m busy or stressed, I do stupid things. After hearing and watching this, I think I will be able to recall these things more easily. View the video on the next page!

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#3 is something that I had never considered. I mean, I’m always curious about which sponge is used for what in kitchens, but if I don’t know, I just grab the cleanest looking one. That’s not always the one used for dishes though. Oops. So, check out this video. There are some really GOOD reminders.

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