5 Kitchen Tips

5 Kitchen Tips

Kitchen tips are one of those things that are like family traditions. Each family has a set, and each family thinks theirs is the best. It’s really an interesting phenomenon. I know we have a couple… I just can’t think of them right now. Hmmm, maybe we don’t after all! We just do everything that hard way, haha.

These 5 Kitchen Tips are great. Number four is genius to me. It’s such a no brainer, but one of those that I hadn’t thought of until I saw this. View the video on the next page!

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Putting leftover anything in the freezer isn’t one of those things that immediately comes to mind. Well, there is one time it does, and I learned that from my aunt. Just take all the odds and ends of your veggies and shove them into the freezer. Take them out the next time you make a chicken, beef, or veggie stock. PERFECT!

Thanks to Dave Hax for these 5 Kitchen Tips!

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