If These 22 Animals Are Sitting, Then They’re Definitely Fitting

They say if the shoe fits, wear it, but these animals are taking things to a whole new extreme.

Animals are known to try and squeeze themselves into some pretty tight spaces. I know my dog personally will try to squeeze herself into the smallest possible space between me and the arm of the couch, probably because it makes her feel safe.

That could be the case for these hilarious critters that really just cannot accept the fact that they’re too big for what they’re trying to pull off. For these 22 animal contortionists, if they sit, then they most definitely fit.

1. Strong enough for a cow, but made for a dog.

If it fits it sits

2. Expectation vs. reality.

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3. Furball in the left corner pocket!

4. This cat needs to get his mind (and body) out of the gutter.

5. “I’m looking for a volunteer to pull me around and then help me get out of this thing.”

6. That can’t possibly be comfortable.

7. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.

8. I wanna see these two put on a seat belt.

9. “My legs are asleep, can somebody give me a hand?”

10. Drink up this pint-sized cuteness.

11. This is what happens when your cat starts eating too much Fancy Feast.

12. “Peek-a-boo, I see you.”

13. “Who needs clothes? I’m coming with you!”

14. “Ditch the cat. I’m all you need.”

15. Good luck shipping that package.

16. “There’s so much room for activities.”

17. You know how it is with cats and boxes…

18. This cat’s no basket case.

19. “I fits! I fits!”

20. “Hey, Clam. You got any room in there?”

21. You didn’t expect the king of the jungle to walk, did you?

22. Step on a cat, and break your mother’s back.

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Just looking at these desperate babies is making me feel claustrophobic.

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