Banana Split Poppers

Even if it’s the season for feasting, it makes sense to watch your portions… and maybe help your friends watch their portions too, so losing weight won’t be a pain after New Year. One way to achieve that is to serve bite-size of desserts at dinner or potluck parties, like these banana split poppers. They’re small enough to pop whole in your mouth, but they’ll definitely satisfy any dessert craving.

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These banana split poppers are so good and so easy to make. You just dip sliced and hollowed bananas in chocolate and sprinkles, put a dollop of vanilla ice cream in the hollow inside the banana, and then top it with whipped cream and a cherry. Then freeze it for five minutes. Be sure not to eat more than one! This deliciously simple dessert recipe is from Naomi of


Bananas, cut to a third horizontally
Melted chocolate
Candy sprinkles or peanuts
Vanilla chocolate
Whipped cream
Maraschino cherries





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